Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Are Pop Up Tents So Popular?

Yes, it's true.

Pop up tents and pop up shelters are very popular nowadays.

You can spot them everywhere.

When you arrive at the beach you can see pop up shelters of all colors.

If you take a walk near a campsite most of the tents are pop up tents.

If you attend a festival or a concert what you see is a colorful sea of pop up tents.

But why are they so popular then?

Pop up tents are not for seasoned campers!

Ask a seasoned camper and he will answer you that pop up tents are not for real campers. They are for beginners, for first time campers, for greenhorns.

Some of them complain that the fiberglass structure is too weak to stand in strong winds.

Others say that the fabrics used to build them are too light, not insulated and sealed, and even the lighter drizzle makes them leak.

Yet others say that they are not easy to carry on a backpack because their round bags are bulky.

OK. You know what? They are probably right!

These kind of tents are not built for heavy weather conditions or expeditions under extreme.

So why are they so popular?

Because pop up tents are for real people.

They are for people who want to enjoy a night looking at the stars without having to learn how to pitch a tent.

They are for guys who want to attend the concert of their favorite singer and drink a beer with their friends instead of having to deal with poles, stakes and ropes.

Pop up tents are for busy fathers and mothers who want to enjoy a picnic outdoors with their children, even in the backyard, without having to read instruction manuals and camping guides.

Probably most of these people will never become a professional camper. Probably most of these people will never use a tent another time!

Probably most of these people buy a pop up tent because it is not for the pros!

They are regular people and regular people buy pop up tents because:

They are easy to carry. OK, some of the bags can be bulky, but if you are going car camping, or to a festival, or you are planning a backyard campout, who cares about the size of the bag.
Pop up tents are easy to set up. They set up by themselves! Take them out of the bag, throw them out, and they are done.
They are cheaper than any other kind of tent. You can buy a pop up tent for less than one hundred dollars.
They are stronger than many other tents. Probably they will not withstand heavy rains and winds but if they withstand your children's test...
Pop up tents are funny to fold back. Have you ever tried to fold a pop up tent in front of your friends or children?

These are the reasons because pop up tents are so popular. Probably these are the reasons that will convince you to buy one.

There will always be time to become a pro.

Have fun!

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