Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dial-Up Service and Its Impact on Sales

Dial-up service is not the ideal internet service for an internet
based business because it is generally very slow and make taking
care of business transactions a burdensome process. There are
also some convenience and cost issues associated with dial-up
service that may be hindering to an internet business operator as
well as some undesirable limitations.

Choosing an internet service provider and internet service is
obviously one of the first steps to launching and running an
internet based business. For your internet business to be
productive as well as time and cost efficient, making the
decision about your internet services deserves some thought and

There are several types of internet services. The very basic
internet service is dial-up service. Other types of internet
services include broadband or high-speed internet services.
Sometimes choices are limited due to geographic locations and the
availability of various types of internet service in your area.

If you are faced with a choice between dial-up service and high-
speed internet service, the high-speed service is your best bet
because it will improve the efficiency of your internet business,
make processing of sales transactions easier and quicker, and it
will be more convenient. Though high-speed internet services may
be more expensive than dial-up service, they are certainly a more
cost-effective solution for your internet business.

The most common internet connections included dial-up service and
variations of dial-up service, digital subscriber line (DSL)
service, cable modem service, wireless internet service, and
satellite internet service.

There are also dedicated line services like T1 fiber and T3 lines
that provide a higher level of internet service increasing speed,
scalability, networking capabilities, and reliability. Dedicated
fiber line options are generally pretty expensive and are usually
recommended for large companies with vast computer networks or
website hosting companies.

Dial-up service is available just about anywhere that there is
phone service. Dial-up service uses a standard phone line and a
computer modem to access the internet. Speed, functionality and
service limitations are generally a problem with dial-up service
making it an undesirable option for internet businesses.

Dial-up service usually has a maximum speed of 56k - very slow
for an internet connection. Dial-up service is usually pretty
inexpensive, but most internet service providers limit the number
of hours that you can be consistently online with a dial-up

So, when you are in the midst of something, you may just lose
your internet connection and be booted off. This can be very
inconvenient, especially if you are in the process of
communicating with a customer online.

Since dial-up service uses a phone line, it can be a burden if
you only have one phone line because you won't be able to make or
accept phone calls during the time that you are online.

This can be a very burdensome issue for an internet business if
you need to access things online while talking on the phone with
customers or with technical support representatives - it simply
can't be done.

If you have no option but to use dial-up service, having a phone
line for the dial-up service that is separate from your voice
line is crucial.

Also, if you are limited to the use of dial-up service, check to
see what dial-up service options are available to improve the
speed and reliability of your dial-up service internet
connection. Dial-up service modems come in different speeds with
56k being top of the line.

Lower level dial-up service modems will be even more inefficient.
Accelerated dial-up service is an option to standard dial-up
service if high-speed service is not a possibility.

Accelerated dial-up service also uses a telephone line and a
modem, but through the use of compression software, it can
increase the speed of dial-up service lessening the speed related
burdens by making web pages load faster and enabling you to
upload and download files more efficiently.

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