Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Best 3 Survival Knives

There has always been a heated debate when it comes to the top survival knives currently out there. Survivalists are fanatical when it comes to their tools. When searching for the perfect survival knife, there is whole range of knives to choose and that is where the debate comes from. In order for one to make the best choice, there are three things one should consider when choosing a survival knife, they are; A fixed blade, top-notch steel and a thick blade with heat treatment. These are the three most important characteristics that define the top survival knives.

When taking the above considerations into account, the following knives are the best three in this survivalist's opinion.

The 7 inch KA-BAR

When searching for the three top survival knives, the KA-BAR tops the list. This knife has been tried, tested and has proven to be true to its high accolades. The knife has so much history and its experience in the field is vast so one should not think twice about its reliability. The knife has a 7-inch, 1095 Cro-Van stainless steel/carbon mix blade. The blade is extremely tough and highly durable. Despite the blade's toughness it is still soft enough to have a razor sharp edge. It can come in a number of handles but its Kraton G handle comes highly recommended. Its sheath is a Kydex sheath. This knife is an all-purpose knife used even by the United States Marine Core, one of the most elite fighting forces on the planet.

The Becker BK2

This survival knife has a blade that is a ¼ inch thick and highly tough. It has a full tang design as its handle comes in two pieces of ivory wrapped around raw steel. It is simply a rugged knife. It has a drop point design and its sheath is one of the best designed in the market. The blade of the Becker BK2 is thinner; also, its sheath is nylon, so it's not quite as tough as the KA-BAR, but it's still a very good knife and has a better price point.

The Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

The Gerber LMF II is one of the best survival knives ever and this is due to Gerber's long history of makin gquality products. Its blade is made of 12C27, super tough, stainless steel and requires very minimal maintenance, if any at all. Its blade is also razor sharp and super thick and makes light of any survival task. The knife has been tried and tested and armed forces around the world regularly use it. Its buttcap is made of tough steel which can be used as a striking weapon or hammer when the need arises. It also has a well-designed and quality sheath.

The above 3 knives fit the bill as the toughest survival knives out there. Each one has its specific benefits, but none of them will leave you wanting for anything more in a real life survival situation.

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